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Dream A New Career

Are you waking up at night because you hate your job, but aren't sure what to do next? Do the demands of your job interfere with your ability to have a life outside of work? It's time to Dream a New Career! In this workshop you will gain clarity on your ideal career, create a vision board to help you manifest your dream job, and leave with actionable items to help you take the next step.


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"I so enjoyed getting to know the other women in my small group, knowing that we could share as little or as much as we wanted about ourselves. Though we were each at different places in our lives, we were all on the journey together. 

I learned more about myself in the workshop - it helped me better define who I am and what and who I aspire to be. " 

~ C.V.H. - "Dream A New Career" Workshop Attendee

"Super fun experience!! Great way to connect with others!!"

~ A.N., "Dream A New Career" Workshop Attendee

"I registered for this workshop to start thinking and envisioning my future. I enjoyed networking with others and taking time to do something for myself."

~ D.F., "Dream A New Career" Workshop Attendee

Ready for a Career & Life you Love??

Does your job leave you feeling stressed, bored, or unhappy? Plan to attend this 1-Hour, FREE presentation. In this signature talk, you'll discover how staying in a job you hate negatively impacts your physical, mental, and financial health, and how you can start moving toward a career you love today. Come away with insights and resources that will help you take the next step!


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