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I offer free seminars and workshops on a periodic basis. Visit my Events page for dates and times of my upcoming speaking schedule and to register to attend.

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Job Search Strategy

Every professional brings something unique to the workforce. Your job search strategy should reflect these qualities and help you stand out. 

Too often, I see people applying for jobs online but not doing much else. As a result, they experience a slow and arduous job search. Why? Because they are missing out on the 80% of jobs that aren't listed anywhere (true story). 

Together, we'll create a job search strategy that is effective, efficient, and - most importantly - meets your specific needs.


You are GREAT at what you do! You want your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to clearly demonstrate your skills and abilities to a potential employer. 

I started writing resumes in 2008. Since then, I've prepared 100's of resumes with accompanying cover letters and LinkedIn profiles that have successfully lead to  job interviews and offers. 

I love nothing more than seeing my clients get noticed and get the results they deserve. Let me put my writing expertise to work for you, too. 

Ongoing Support

Let's be honest, job searching can be tough.  Having dedicated support throughout your search can make all the difference. As a professional counselor, I'm here to support you through the inevitable ups and downs that a significant transition, like a career change, can bring.

If you've dreaded looking for a new job or career in the past, let this time be different. Collaborate with me and gain an experienced partner who shares your aspirations for your future. Your goals are my goals, and I want nothing more than to see you be successful. 

Shall we do this together?

"Working with Elizabeth, the most straightforward result I had after meeting with her was an increase in my confidence... she was able to provide some simple suggestions that were easy for me to follow but focused on utilizing my strengths and overall increased my confidence in applying to new jobs. Almost immediately trying these actions I started receiving many more offers for interviews. I even managed to obtain several interviews to a business I had been trying to break into for over 2 years."  

~ Resume & Job Search Client

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