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Whether you are considering counseling for the first time or have experienced its benefits in the past, you can feel proud that you are taking an important action just by visiting this page. Kudos!

To help you understand if counseling with me is the right fit for you, here is a little bit of info about me and my professional journey.

From lab worker to Professional Counselor

As a Master-level Professional Counselor with a specialty in career counseling, I am typically met with a look of surprise and disbelief when I share that my undergraduate degree is in conservation biology. That look becomes even more pronounced when I add that my first “real job” out of college was working as a technical writer for a research laboratory.


I know. It seems odd. Hear me out... :)

Career Shift #1

The year was 1998 and I genuinely loved my job at the lab. It felt worthwhile and meaningful, and for nearly 5 years I could see a very bright future ahead. But after the birth of my first son, my perspective started to change...

I still enjoyed my job, but I felt a strong pull to stay home and be a full-time mom. (Raise your hand if you can relate!) After the birth of my second son, that pull won out. I left my job to care for my two boys while having an in-home daycare; the right solution for me and my family at the time. However, it wouldn’t be too long and they would be off to school, and at that point I knew I wanted to rejoin the workforce...

Career Shift #2

I also knew I wanted to continue having the ability to prioritize caring for my young children, so going back to the lab wasn't the right answer. I found myself wondering, "what in the world am I going to do now??" (Read: I felt overwhelmed, scared, and doubting myself on multiple levels.)

Around this same time I had started a personal weight loss journey and noticed that the women who ran the group meetings did so on a part-time basis. I was intrigued! Once I reached my personal wight loss goals I began working there as well. For the next 4 years I had an absolute blast leading group meetings and helping other people work toward and achieve their weight loss goals. 

And a light bulb turned on...

Career Shift #3

What if, somehow, I could combine all of the things I had a natural talent and genuine passion for into one, cohesive career path? Did such a career even exist???

I had no idea, but I began exploring. My love for technical writing and helping others combined with my personal experience enduring the ups and downs (and tears!) of career transition lead me to work in various career services roles since 2009; first as a Resume Writer/Career Coach and most recently as the Director of Career Services for a private college. In 2012, I decided to expand my professional tool box, enrolled in graduate school, and earned a Masters in Counseling from Lakeland College in 2015. 

Now, as a Master-level Professional Counselor with a private practice and a specialty in Career Counseling, it is an absolute thrill each and every day to go to work. Except, I love what I do SO MUCH, that (most of the time) it doesn't really feel like work. It's an amazing feeling!

My journey from lab worker to Professional Counselor was not an easy one. I often doubted myself. I felt alone, and scared, and guilty for "not using" my first degree. But I’m so glad I listened to the “pull” to leave my job at the lab. I didn’t know then I would be doing what I’m doing now, but I could not be happier... and I want you to experience that same feeling.

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To your success!

~ Elizabeth

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