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"I just want to say that I don't know that I would have gotten to this point without our sessions together. Thank you s​o much for everything!”

~ Career Counseling Client

~ "Dream A New Career" Workshop Attendee

"Thank you, Elizabeth, for showing me how to take the first step!"

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I registered for Elizabeth's "Dream a New Career Workshop" at about the same time I had decided to forge a new path for my business. What an empowering experience! Elizabeth created a safe space for us women to breathe, connect, and envision our futures. With guided imagery she walked us through the processes of introspection and reflection. She encouraged us to see in our mind's eyes what we could become.

Creating our vision boards was an integral part of our workshop. A little overwhelmed by the freedom it gave me, l quickly found that freedom to explore my options was just what I needed. No limits. No judgement.

I plan to spend a few minutes with my new board every day. I plan to add to it, too, as my new career evolves. Not with what I've already accomplished, but where I want to go next! Where there's a will there's a way. I'm on my way.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for showing me how to take the first step!

~ April 2017 "Dream A New Career" Workshop Attendee

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I want to thank you again for providing me with an excellent platform to help me decide my next career move. Your program allowed me to see beyond the work related mental and emotional exhaustion I was feeling and fully embrace my work experience and skills. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the positive feedback you provided in our sessions was extremely valuable to my thought process as I figured out what I am going to do next in my career.

Starting my own business is something I have considered for a long time. Your program allowed me to recognize that not only do I have the skill and experience it also helped me realize that now is the time. Since we completed our sessions many things have started to fall into place for the start up... thanks again.

~ Career Counseling Client

"...the positive feedback you provided in our sessions was extremely valuable..."

~ Resume  & Job Search Client

"Elizabeth is reliable, patient, and honest."

"She cares and it shows."

Prior to working with Elizabeth I was disorganized (chaotic). I had many good ideas, etc., but no structure or specific plan. Elizabeth has helped me develop a true employment plan (goals, interests) leading to an organized and planned approach to my employment search. While this has made for a smooth transition, it has also secured me a number of interviews!

The most obvious benefit (other than having an organized and structured employment plan), was the development of my resume and cover letters. In addition, it brought me into the current world of 2017 after working for the past 25 years! Combining these tools with a coordinated plan helped things run smoothly. Another clear benefit are the positive feedback I have received from my resume as well as the interviews I have been attending. 

However, the intangibles Elizabeth provides are just as beneficial and important. Specifically, she provides accessibility, on-going support, and a positive attitude throughout the process. This makes things much more relaxed and I am comfortable contacting her when I have specific questions or need assistance.  

In addition to all of the reasons above, Elizabeth is reliable, patient, and honest. This includes being realistic, and she treats you as more of a colleague than a number or business contact – she cares and it shows.

"I was frustrated ... stuck..."

Before I started working with Elizabeth, I was continually frustrated with my inability to obtain a new position. I had tried everything from countless hours of research and adjustments to my application documents but to no avail. Stuck in my current position I was unable to accomplish my goals that I had set for myself and was looking to make changes that would lead me to success.

Working with Elizabeth, the most straightforward result I had after meeting with her was an increase in my confidence. After speaking with her, she was able to provide some simple suggestions that were easy for me to follow but focused on utilizing my strengths and overall increased my confidence in applying to new jobs. Almost immediately trying these actions I started receiving many more offers for interviews. I even managed to obtain several interviews to a business I had trying to break into for over 2 years.

Soon I was faced with the dilemma of accepting a job between 3 different offers! Before doing so, Elizabeth was able to help me process how my decisions would impact me the most. I was able to break down which one would fit my needs the most as several factors would influence which one I should take. This was all possible through her ability to communicate empathetically with me and help me understand myself and my needs even better.

It is with these successes that I offer the highest of recommendations for working with Elizabeth. Her ability to blend professionalism while still personal enough to reach her clients is one of her greatest strengths, among many. If you are looking to learn more of how you can utilize your own skills to accomplish your goals, need easy to understand advice, or just need a gifted listener to organize your thoughts, Elizabeth Disch is the person you want to be working with.

~ Resume & Job Search Client

"Her ability to blend professionalism while still personal enough to reach her clients is one of her greatest strengths, among many."

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